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  • Having Visi Productions capture our special day was one of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process. Evis and his team are the most talented, creative and professional group out there. I have stood up in ten weddings and have witnessed the consequences of hiring just anybody! My husband and I were astounded by the quality of not just their work, but their mastery of their craft. We took our engagement photos with Evis and he made us feel so comfortable and the photos were incredible- we didn’t think it could get better until the wedding day came. The entire team just brings a sense of calm with them- the wedding day is so hectic but the whole team was so reassuring. We didn’t even realize when they were capturing photo and video. We had 500 guests at our wedding and the team was with us for 13 hours on our wedding day. Never once in that long day did the service slip below top notch. We had a culturally blended Yugoslavian/American wedding with MANY important traditions we wanted captured. Evis works so hard to work with you to capture your vision. I also have two siblings with special needs and Evis and his team were so kind and made every effort to make sure my siblings were comfortable and included. After almost 30 years, we finally have beautiful photos together thanks to Visi productions. In short, so many couples don’t invest in photo and video for their wedding and they regret it. If the team couldn’t get any better there was one situation in particular that really impressed me. Upon giving Evis our final payment- we drastically overpaid him by putting too much money in the envelope without realizing it. Evis called us and told us we paid $500 extra dollars and asked how he could return it to us. I was so impressed, so many vendors want to make a quick dollar- but Evis is so principled and doesn’t try to rob you blind or upcharge you for a million extra services. Visi productions was WORTH EVERY PENNY and was the best team ever!!!

  • We have no words to describe our love for Visi Productions. It was a true pleasure to have this team be a part of THE most important day of our lives. Evis and his crew are far beyond talented…they are truly the best of the best. In the midst of all the craziness a wedding day can bring, they made us feel SO comfortable, natural, and like our true selves–in fact, we felt so comfortable, we forgot they were filming! After our New Year’s Eve wedding, we could hardly wait to see the final product!! I think we watched our wedding film 9824802935 times within the first 24 hours of receiving it. And honestly, 6 months later, we are still watching it on a regular basis. WE LOVE IT and we simply can’t get enough…it was TOTALLY worth the wait. Our family and friends love it (and have been sharing it with one another) too  We will never in a million years be able to thank Visi enough for their kindness, extreme talent, and their outstanding ability to capture every moment of our big day. They didn’t just film our wedding day/night, they created a true work of art that we will love and cherish forever. I would choose Visi one thousand times over again. WE LOVE VISI PRODUCTIONS!


    Starting from the first day when we met to discuss our wedding and photos, the tone was set for exceptional service. Visi Productions takes getting to know their clients very seriously as they clearly see the benefit of building a relationship prior to capturing photos. Visi Productions captured our wedding and reception with the highest levels of professionalism. All of the pre-wedding photos were so creative and thoughtful. The attention to detail, ability to keep the events of the day running on schedule/effectiveness, quality of service and precision were highly present and visible all throughout our entire big day. As the night was concluding, I actually asked for one more photo after the camera had been put away and Evis gladly stated that he would be happy to capture that last moment for us without any hesitation. His thoughtfulness and unique skill set is unparalleled and a must have for any event!
    Our entire wedding party cannot stop talking about the lighting, the quality of the photos and the awesome moments that were able to be captured. Upon sending the photos to our wedding party, they were instantly saving all of the photos to their phones and posting them all over social media because they were so blown away by the moments. It was truly a blessing to see that each member of our wedding felt so special because there were unique photos of them all. Our families have been equally impressed. My wife and I were so impressed that photos of what appeared to be all of our guests were captured as well.
    The talent and vision embodied within Visi Productions is extraordinary. The suggestions made for where to take photos, the poses, the level of creativity that is exhibited by Visi Productions is truly a gift. You will not be disappointed with the quality of service and you will surely have beautiful photos and memories that will last a lifetime. We are truly humbled by the experience! – Rachele and Vanessa

    The level of creativity that is exhibited by Visi Productions is truly a gift
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    “It’s impossible in this short space to express how incredibly happy we were with Visi Productions. Their quality, attention to detail, professionalism and creativity are only surpassed by their enthusiasm and kindness. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!!!!!”

    I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!!!!!