Vidhya + Kameron Wedding Film

Vidhya + Kameron Wedding Film

From the groom:

Our story began in 2013 on a beautiful summer day in July. We were in one of our medical school’s windowless basement study rooms. Kam was seated across the room from Vidhya during a romantic anatomy tutoring session. He was making light of a dull and not so interesting lecture. Kam thought he was hilarious. Vidhya thought his laugh was annoying. But then one magical day, Kam discovered the window to Vidhya’s heart….food. He shared some of his pizza filled pretzel bites with Vidhya and slowly he started to grow on her. Later, 

The proposal was a carefully crafted event that had to be anything less than perfect, and it was not easy to make happen. Nonetheless, it happened and it was magical. The first obstacle, the weather. It was going to rain, and it was supposed to rain hard! Inside, I was scared that the foolproof plan was about to wash up. Fate would have it that umbrellas were not needed. All was going to be okay, or so I thought…..

The second obstacle, Vidhya needed to do her hair. She loved surprises. Unfortunately, she was a pro at sniffing them out. So, I told her we were going to take family pictures. This little fib got out of control when her brother suggested we go to the mall. We went and shopped for what was supposed to be 30 min. Turns out we found ourselves 2 hours later eating Chick fil A and meeting her brother’s friends! I was getting a barrage of phone calls from her Dad wondering where we were. Everyone was ready and waiting. She was clueless, I was freaking out, and her brother was enjoying a spicy chicken sandwich…..

The third obstacle, the timing. Vidhya’s best friends came to surprise her. They had to arrive at the Cranbrook gardens before she arrived and they had to hide. Her friends needed to pop out at the perfect time right after I finished popping the big question. So, they snuck behind a castle of a building waiting. Hush, not a word was whispered…..

Then it happened. I told Vidhya, let’s look over the balcony. It was located behind the largest fountain. I told her all the things she was to me. I told her that she’s my best friend, my soulmate, my future. She didn’t hesitate for a second and said yes!

I looked up at the beating sun embracing my face. It was the happiest moment of my life. I cherished the feeling, and to this day I remember how the light sparkled off my fiancé’s tears of joy. We turned around and her friends and our two families emerged from their hiding places and screamed with rejoicing. Though I planned the event, even I was startled! I felt alive and my racing heartbeat slowed to synchronize to that of hers. I looked at Vidhya and we smiled together in harmony…..

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  1. Wanda Doerner 2 years ago

    I was curious about your company after seeing the new businesses list in my Farmington water bill. Though I obviously don’t know this wonderful couple – the video was a delight to watch and it will certainly be treasured by the family and friends of this bride & groom.

    I can tell that a lot of time and creativity went into this work. Bravo – excellent work all the way around.

    And … I’m not easily impressed. My background is in the industry as a newsvideographer and editor so I can relate to the nuts and bolts of the creative process.

    It’s nice to see a business like yours in the area.

    I may stop by to check out your shop and get some business cards to share with folks that are looking for the services you offer.

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