Alexandra + Joey – Detroit Athletic Club Wedding – Detroit, Michigan

Alexandra + Joey – Detroit Athletic Club Wedding – Detroit, Michigan
Alexandra (Xan) + Joey met during the first weekend of their First Year Orientation in South Bend, IN in August 2008- One of Alexandra’s best friends, Katie DiPiero, introduced her to cousin Joey, a Freshman at the school across the street, Notre Dame. Friends for four years, Joey finally made his move around Valentine’s Day Senior year. They went to their first college date dance together in 2008 as friends, and last college date dance together in 2012 as boyfriend/girlfriend.
Joey proposed to Xan last summer up in Traverse City, MI at Xan’s annual family gathering on Lake Leelanau. Xan thought she was surprising Joey with a speech in front of the family and a (Detroit- made!) Shinola watch to celebrate his graduating law school. Following Xan’s speech, she went to give Joey his watch and when he opened the watch box, to Xan’s ultimate surprise, instead of a watch there was a ring box. Joey got down on one knee and surrounded by family in front of the Lake Leelanau sunset, proposed. It was the surprise of all surprises.  What makes their relationship special is the fact that they met through family (Joey’s cousin, Katie) is something they consider special and fitting as it is indicative of both their love for their families.
Alexandra (Xan) was born and raised in northern CA and Joey was born and raised in Charleston, WV but they chose Detroit and to be specific Detroit Athletic Club as their destination wedding venue. Detroit holds a special meaning for Xan- Xan’s extended family since they are from Detroit and they celebrate Christmas in Grosse Pointe every year since birth and spend summers up in Travers City, MI. Alexandra’s maternal grandparents and parents were also both married in Detroit. The Midwest also proved to be an excellent meeting point for guests flying in from all over. On their wedding day their guests traveled from 26 states and from three different countries!


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