Shelbie + Justin Wedding | Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids Ohio

Shelbie + Justin Wedding | Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids Ohio

From the Groom:

“Shelbie and I met at Lake Orion High School in freshman English class. I would like to say that we fell in love immediately but that was not the case. We ended up being just friends throughout all of High School and even went to junior prom together. We spent a lot time together in the summer leading up to college and met each others extended family, but I hadn’t realized how important she was to me until she was much further away. That changed pretty quick when she went from being 9 minutes away to 9 hours away from me. It was a few months into being away from home, and her, that I realized I didn’t want to be without her. We started dating over Thanksgiving break in Fall of 2012, about 3 months after I had gone up to Michigan Tech (~500 miles away) for school. I thought I was going to love her that much forever, but I could not have been more wrong. It continues to amaze me how much I love her more and more. Most of my new friends at Michigan Tech thought I was crazy for “throwing away” my college experience, but looking back, I think I enjoyed it more and had an easier time moving into “adult” life because of her. She provided the support that I needed to get through school and the much needed breaks from college life that helped me succeed and become the man I am today.

What I lack in, Justin exceeds in and we complement each other very well. Justin is always ready to take on anything I set my mind to whether it may be a shopping trip, a vacation or just movie night on the couch. Long distance has been challenging but it also allows us to cherish our time together. We’ve been through a lot of changes in the last four and a half years including college graduation, starting new jobs and moving to a new state.  We cannot wait to see what this world brings us and start our adventure together.”

Photography: Visi Productions Location: Nazareth Hall


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