About us


Visi Productions began its life in 2008, bringing together our skills and creativity to tell beautiful stories about life & people. With each project, our mission is simple: to tell a story in the most truthful and beautiful way, using our extensive skills in film-making philosophy and the creative art of photography. We’re special in that we are a complete unit — not an assembly of strangers brought together for one project. We work together every day, we grow together, we love each other, and we know each other’s weaknesses. We’re photographers, cinematographers, producers, directors, writers, editors, and dreamers. While some of us specialize in certain areas more than others, we’re all at the same level of brave. We take risks and we don’t settle.
We want you to enjoy the experience as much, if not more than the product itself. Often in transit, we have been fortunate to photograph some of the most fabulous events around the globe. Our approach to documenting extraordinary weddings emphasizes professional discretion, confidence, and boundless passion with the goal of supporting the flow of your celebrations and telling your story as it naturally unfolds. We love an amazing architecture and history that’s why we chose to located our business right in the heart of downtown Farmington.


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    “It’s impossible in this short space to express how incredibly happy we were with Visi Productions. Their quality, attention to detail, professionalism and creativity are only surpassed by their enthusiasm and kindness. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!!!!!”

    I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!!!!!

    I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful our experience with Visi Productions has been. From our engagement shoot to the day of our wedding, Evis and his team have been such a pleasure to work with. If you’re on the fence about Visi Productions, PICK THEM! As you are choosing your vendors, you don’t realize how important it is to pick people who you enjoy working with. We certainly weren’t thinking about that during our decision making process. However, we were SO glad we picked the VP team on our wedding day (and this was echoed not only by our family and bridal party, but guests at the wedding who repeatedly told us how impressed they were with our video and photography team!). When the wedding is over, the only thing you have left to remember the day are your pictures and video. We are so glad we picked the VP team as the work product matched the quality of service they provided! They were great from start to finish!

    If you’re on the fence about Visi Productions, PICK THEM!