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Film photography has fundamentally changed how we view photography in the last two years. The final product is timeless, soft, emotive incredibly flattering yet vibrant and full of life. We love to be connected to the subject with no distraction like a screen on the back of the camera. We even love that shooting film is difficult. It slows us down so we can really concentrate on exposing the exact moment that matters. This is what drives our love for shooting on film whenever possible, creating every image to stand the test of time- whether it’s of a serene moment in the morning or of the wild ones at the end of the night.

While we love film for its color, dynamic range, grain and what it can do with natural light, there is still a time and place for digital. There are times when we prefer digital files (especially in low light situations). But overall, film has made us more aware, has pushed us creatively, and has given us a new perspective in our life as wedding photographers.

At Visi Productions, we believe that film photography has an aesthetic that cannot be replicated with a digital camera, no matter how hard you try!  At first glance, you might not notice a huge difference between the two. However, once you familiarize yourself with the distinct look of film, you will notice that the colors are more true to real life. Film photographs are vibrant with beautiful color tones. Film makes skin look dreamy, it picks up nuances of light that digital does not, it has a timeless look that is classic, unchanged by photography fads or editing styles. Film captures different gradients and dynamics of light and color as they are in real life.

Often times couples aren’t willing to consider film photography because yes, it is more expensive. There are more costs to the photographer when shooting film: the cost of film, the cost of developing and processing by a film lab, the cost of carefully shipping the film back and forth to the lab, and the equipment is more expensive as well. But when considering your wedding photographs, when considering your legacy, when considering the one thing that will hang on the walls of your home live long after your wedding celebration, why not choose the vibrant and timeless look that only film can offer? The main reason we choose film is that we believe in capturing and preserving beautiful legacies. We think in terms of forever. As photographers, we want to capture and deliver a beautiful product that is timeless. That is why we believe film is the best option for your wedding day!


What’s the benefit of shooting film?

Film is often noted for its softness and beautiful light but in particular it’s warm, bright, pastel colour paletteFilm can be unpredictable (in a good way). You will get different results depending on the chemicals, weather, processing, scanning. Every film is organic has it’s own personality. It’s slower. Instead of having a cameras firing off 2000+ shots. We will take our time and make every shot worth it. You may appreciate some more time to breath. Plus you get to play the model. That exposed film inherently has value and stored properly it will last forever. Film produces the most beautiful, soft, timeless images, incredibly flattering yet vibrant and full of life. You never have to worry about your disk drive being corrupted. You can digitally scan the same negatives 60 or 100 years from now and will still get the same amazing quality. There are also very many technical reasons to choosing film such as the wider dynamic range. This means that film can capture brighter lights and darker darks within the same image. Such as a bride in white, next to a groom in blue or black on a beach or in the desert at midday. But film handles this with ease.

The main reason we choose film is that we believe in capturing and preserving beautiful legacies. We think in terms of forever – not just the budget of a wedding day. As photographers, we want to capture and deliver a beautiful product that is timeless. And that is why we believe film is a wonderful option for your wedding day! If you are interested in learning more about our film photography package. Send us a buzz and we would love to speak with you more in depth.

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